Plant-Forward Manifesto

“What’s the point in being me
if we look at a forests as just a million different trees,
when little do we know this world is not just for me.
And under the soil where I cannot see
Are a billion tiny roots intertwined into we.”

– Shane Murphy, President of Rootly

Dear Rootly Family,

We firmly believe that the plant-forward movement cannot exist without establishing a set of principles that clearly define what we stand for and what we represent from the very beginning.

WE WILL unite plant-based eaters under one movement that welcomes people from all diets and walks of life; including those in food deserts to those with severe dietary restrictions — ALL PEOPLE have the right to access better food and better health.

WE WILL unite plant-based brands, startups, and food scientists as a single growing industry by connecting them to new customers and early adopters. Rootly will serve as an onramp for those looking to try and discover plant-based products while simultaneously representing the plant-based industry as a whole.

WE WILL fight for intersectional racial equity — not just equality. Did you know that 75% of Black and American Indian peoples, and 90% of Asian Americans are lactose intolerant? Did you know that low income and BIPOC communities are affected the most by air pollution and toxic water runoff from animal agriculture? Plant-based foods continue to play an important role in the fight against environmental racism. We as an organization will always use our resources to stand up against systemic injustice. We recognize that many companies settle for performative activism, but we will continue to challenge the current standards. We understand the difference between being responsive and being responsible. We as two White co-founders recognize our privilege and choose to leverage it to uplift those experiencing systemic injustice. At Rootly we understand that support is an action verb and not a personality trait.

WE WILL always support the human right to defining your own sexuality and gender identity. As Rootly grows, we will foster an inclusive and diverse environment that celebrates the collective effort and mutual respect necessary to build a better world and a safer planet.

WE WILL make business decisions that lower our carbon footprint. From our cold chain packaging to the coffee on our lunch breaks, we make sure every aspect of the business is as sustainable as possible. We will make sure to highlight and support the brands that choose glass and cardboard over plastic. We will never sell produce, as its contribution to food waste is detrimental to the environment. We encourage our Rootly family to buy produce locally at Farmer's markets.

WE WILL do everything we can to uplift our community. We do not discriminate between occasional plant-based eaters and those who are lifetime vegans, because everyone has a part to play. We believe that even the smallest of actions can make a difference, and we believe EVERY PERSON has the power to create change in this world.

TOGETHER, we will leave this world better than we found it.

Kelly and Shane